A brief history about the Greekviolinist...

Christos is an experienced professional violinist who provides traditional Greek Cypriot violin music for weddings and other special occasions.

Based in Kent, Christos has many years of experience in providing live entertainment for Greek weddings and events. He has appeared on BBC 3's TV show 'Don't Tell The Bride', featured in BRIDAL magazine, and worked with many Greek bands in some of the UK's most prestigious venues such as The Savoy, The Landmark Hotel, The Royal Armouries and Picton Castle.

The Greekviolinist is available for hire nationally; and with his extended experience in a diverse range of Greek repertoire,
Christos can work with you to make your special occasion a day
to definitely remember.


Christos has been playing the Violin for over 35 years, since he first picked up the instrument at the age of 6.

Holding a First Class Honours Degree in Creative Music Technology, Christos was classically trained and was the first violin leader of a Yorkshire Secondary Orchestra by the age of eleven.

Alongside his passion of classical music, it was Christos' Cypriot heritage that influenced his desire to learn the traditional music and songs of Cyprus and Greece.

During his teenage years, Christos learned to play the mandolin and the bouzouki. These stringed instruments helped him to learn the traditional songs of Cyprus and Greece giving him the personality to his playing. Jamming along in his bedroom playing back countless cassettes and learning musical passages until it was musically perfect.

Although he wasn't aware of it at the time, this determination would lead to the transition as a Greek violinist and he would go on to specialise in the traditional songs of Cyprus and Greece.

His first live performance came at the age of 13 where he was asked by his Greek Orthodox community in Leeds to play some Greek music at a dinner and dance.

Over the years, Christos has played across the United Kingdom at some very prestigious and exclusive venues for weddings, christenings and other special occasions. Traditionally at a Greek Cypriot Wedding, the ‘Money dance’ is played by a violinist and is very much a pre-requisite.

"The Violin is the principal and leading instrument for the traditional music of Cyprus, and the Greek Islands. Why not book the Greekviolinist to add a traditional character to your special occasion? "

An Acoustic Violin (over 220+ years old)...

The perfect instrument for a traditional Stolisma ceremony, as used by the Greekviolinist. The Irish violin dates back to the year 1795. It produces beautiful warm and rich tones and with the Greekviolinist playing, it is guaranteed to stir your emotions.

This is an image of the Perry Wilkinson violin from 1795.

Wireless & Electric violin

A high end electric violin is the preferred choice for live performance. The lightweight violin has the same feel as a traditional acoustic violin with dual pick up and pre-amp. A full wireless system enables grand entrances from a range of up to 320 feet outside of any venue. Portable wireless amplifiers cater for confined spaces.

his is an image of the violin against a candle lit background and a sign. Taken at a wedding venue.

For general enquiries please contact: info@greekviolinist.com or call Chris on 07830 129964

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